Sunday, November 23, 2008

Strange Dream

Strange Dream

I had the weirdest dream last night. They had given me something to help me sleep through the night, but I guess it made me pretty delirious. Someone started shaking me and saying "Alex, Alex, wake up." The lights in the Palace had been dimmed so we could sleep. I tried opening my eyes, but I could only make out a faint shape next to me.

"Misty? Is that you?" The figure seemed to be swathed in some kind of headscarf and body dress like a burqa or something. I couldn't ready see the face under the hood.

"Ssh. Listen to me Alex. I need to speak to you."

Now I knew I was dreaming. I heard the distinct tone of Ellie's voice. I reached out and felt the figure. Definitely a woman. And for some strange reason I smelled a wave of alcohol. It reminded me of the day Ellie and I met, in a bar down in San Fransisco. I had just lost my job and I was drowning my sorrows in a bottle of Jack Daniels, when this incredibly beautiful woman sits down next to me and asks if she could share the bottle. The night ended at my apartment and the rest is shall we say "history."

I was shaken again. "Huh? Wha? Leave me alone, I'm trying to sleep." Stupid drunk nurses. I made a half-hearted attempt to roll over, dreaming about my days with Ellie.

A cold hand slapped me in the face. "Wake the fuck up," came the voice of Ellie.

I groaned loudly. What the hell? This was not a good dream so far. I just wanted to sleep.

"Time's running out, Alex. We've got to find a way to destroy the Matrix. We can't allow Carrie to destroy the rest of the world's economy and governments."

I lay there for a while. I thought about the time Ellie and I went backpacking in the Sierras. I felt the cool breezes blowing through the fragrant pine trees, the strong sun on our backs. I remembered how we laid a blanket out and did what came naturally. I wondered if I would ever have that opportunity with Misty.

Ahh, Misty. So different from Ellie. No she doesn't have the knock-out body that Ellie does, or the drop-dead good looks, but she has a quiet honesty about her that I really appreciate. I always know where I stand with her, and we communicate really well. Ellie always seemed mysterious and distant, and frankly she's pretty frightening. Misty's just like--

"Dammit Alex, what the hell did they give you? Listen to me if you can, I need to get out of here. I found a way off this boat. Up in the airfoil machinery. There's a loose hatch up there. If we're really heading for London, then I have an escape plan. When I send you a message, head for hatch C-21. Bring only what you can carry, but make sure everyone has a bottle of strong liquor with them. You heard me right. Liquor, something strong. OK, I gotta go. Good luck." I swear I felt something on my hand, then a squeeze.

This morning they came to change my dressings, not a pleasant experience. The doctor came and pronounced me fit enough to get out of bed, although I would still need to check in a couple times a day to change the dressings. Every movement felt painful, but they finally were able to remove the morphine drip.

I told Misty about my crazy dream.

"So, dreaming about Ellie," she said in a mock-jealous voice. "Why don't you dream about me? And what the hell is the liquor about? Was Ellie a drunk or something?"

"Yeah, at times," I admitted. "She did have a penchant for stiff drinks and partying. Crazy, isn't it?"

Misty helped me get dressed into some loose-fitting pirate garb, something that wouldn't scratch my burns. I felt a bit weak but I could walk on my own. "Julia made you a special 'Captains Breakfast'" she told me.

The memories of the dream fading away into the mists of the night, I raised my hand to scratch my head and I saw it. As plain as day, not in my handwriting, on the palm on my right hand were the letters "C-21."

What the hell? Was it some drunk nurse messing with my head? Did I somehow write this? I quickly rubbed it off, and didn't mention it to anyone. There's no way Ellie could be alive on this boat. It's just not possible.

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